Information and contest rules                                                                                            

Dears SSC-shooters

here the rules for the SSC:

Contest rules:

* Screenshots of 1701 A.D., 1503 A.D. and 1602 A.D. may participate in the contest.
* Each participant may contribute only one screenshot per monthly contes.
* Screens may be send in *.jpg, *.bmp or *.png format.
* Screen size: 1024x768 - screens in other sizes will be converted into that size and accepted for the final selection
   only in this size, so that everybody will participate on equal terms.
* The size of the screenshot file (in a size of 1024 x 768) may not exceed 800 kb
* If possible disable the interface or use the postcard mode to take your screenshot, unless it is really neccessary
   for the screenshot otherwise.
* Give a meaningful name to your screen ... (not Screen001.jpg ... , but: CitizenMarketplace.jpg for example)
* No hints or tips about which user made which screenshot in the forum.
* During months with special themes, only screens which comply with the theme will be selected.
* Screens which have been selected once for a monthly contest may not be sent in anymore. Screens which were
   sent in but havenít been selected, may be sent in again.
* Modified/manipulated screens will be disqualified.
* "Bug" or "cheat" screens will not be selected !
* Cheaters will be disqualified and banned from forthcoming SSC !!

point distribution:


   1. place: 13 points / 2. place: 11 points / 3. place: 10 points /  4. place: 9 points / 5. place: 8 points /
   6. place:  7 points / 7. place: 6 points / 8. place: 5 points / 9. place: 4 points / 10. place: 3 points /
   11. place: 2 points / 12. place: 1 point

If one place is occupied by two players, the next place will be skipped!

Screenshots may be send to

The email shopuld contain the month you want to participate, the name of your screenshot and the nick you are known
here in the forum

It is only allowed to send in screenshots, which have not been published already, as it should be impossible
to determin, who sent in which shot! Screens not following this rule will be disqualified!

It is not allowed to court other people to vote ones screenshot. This especially covers writing PMs to other people, as such action would include a hint which screenshot was made by whom and is therefore against this rules!!! This regulation also applies for the "screen of the year" voting!

Entries must be send in till the 15th of each month, the jury will then check the screenshots till the 20th at the latest. Then
a poll will be created in which you can vote for the screen of the month till the end of each month.